Adorable Adorableness

This morning I am-

Marveling over Mochimochi Land's Snowman pattern and Anna's super-tiny knitted things, too much adorable-ness on one website! 

 Coveting Adrian's of Hello Yarn beautiful wood stove! (I didn't know a wood stove could be adorable, but hers is- it's a Morso 2B Classic.)

Finding that Playmobil toys are even better that I previously thought! I've been saving and researching for a cargo bike- this past spring, summer and fall, I used a bike and trailer to get around our small town with my two boys. My biking abruptly ended in November as we moved and it got cold. I am kind of a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Plus, my now 8 year-old doesn't really fit in the trailer anymore. This spring I am determined to have a more elegant solution, either an Xtracycle set up or a Madsen bucket bike. There are other cargo bike options, but these two seem the most suited to getting me and my kids (and all of our stuff!) around town. My kids love Playmobil toys, and were recently scouring the catalog, narrowing down their Christmas lists. I spied a couple cargo bikes in there! Searching around the internet led to a couple more, so here are the ones I found, in case you are interested in either cargo bikes or tiny cargo bike toys-

The shopper- so nice to have two baskets on your bike for shopping! 

Ice Cream Man- I kinda want one of these in real life.

Mail Delivery- I wish our mail-people used bikes! They totally could in our small town.

Bike with Trailer- This one's a collectable now, if it was still in circulation, it would be on MY Christmas list! 

Since Playmobil is a German company, I felt sure I could find a tiny bakfiets, but no dice. 

Here's hoping you come across something adorable today!