Christmas Gnomes and laundry

With Laura's lovely blessing as my only hanging-up artwork, we are finally getting settled in to our new house. (And finally have the internet again!) I don't have all of our shoes unpacked, but we have set up a giant Christmas tree. I haven't sorted out all the boys' toys, but we have had several fires in our new fireplace. My laundry is piling up, but the boys and I did some plannng for a little Christmas gathering of friends. I am trying to balance my desire to get totally unpacked and organized with the importance of slowing down and doing small things with my kids every day to prepare for Christmas. Today we are going to make a wreath if it stops raining long enough to go out and get some evergreen branches. 

In that spirit of holiday preparation, I am sharing a free knitting pattern tonight- for a little Gnome Child. Here's one decorating for the holidays.

It's the same pattern as the little gnome that lives in the Gnome Home I designed and they are great for little toys or decorations. I was going to make 25 of them to put out everyday to count down to Christmas, but I only got 16 made. Last night I was bummed I missed the December 1 deadline, but Laura suggested I use them for the 12 days of Christmas instead- perfect! 

Anyway, check back tonight for the pattern, and I hope you can find small, important ways to prepare yourself and your family for the holiday season today.