All knitting, all the time

We've been having a spate of great Sundays lately and today was no exception.  It was strangely but perfectly warm today, it felt more like early September than early November. I was obsessed with figuring out a new design- my next pattern and my first non-felted and first wearable piece. I am super-excited about it. When I was tired of sitting on the couch, the boys and I rode the bike to the creek.

(Do you see my new shoes? I love them. Laura bought them for me as a surprise and had them mailed to my door along with 2 pairs of Smart Wool socks- how great!!) The boys played in the creek and looked for fossils and I kept working. I took lots of breaks to lay back on the blanket and stare at the hemlocks and the sky. 

I know that I may have a tidy studio someday, but working at the creek is pretty great too.