Laura's wool felt

Laura has been hand dyeing lovely wool felt with natural dyes for a couple years and I am so lucky because she generously shares it with me. I am usually a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to crafting materials, but wool felt is one of those things that is really worth paying more for, it is luscious to work with and even simple projects that I've made with it have turned out well. She is skilled at natural dyeing so the colors are rich and saturated. I love it that she turns her carefully-saved onion skins into golden yellow and a magical-looking indigo pot yields blue. She double-dips the yellow in the blue to make a deep green shade. It's a lot of work, but the finished felt is a perfect mix of handmade and professional and it brings a special touch to many of our projects.

I used Laura's felt for clothes for my Small Dolls, for the embroidered aprons on the Nesting Dolls and will soon use it for labels on my newest pattern- pretend food containers for play kitchens. 

Laura's used it for her Whoo Whoo clocks,

Her popular Needle Books,

And a one of my favorite Christmas projects that she's made- the Angel Band

The felt is currently listed in our etsy shop