Bright Blessings

After doing a few painted house blessings recently, I was inspired to make some more. Of course my first priority was to make one for Katie’s new house:

(Oh yes, that is mica glitter sparkling so perfectly there....)

I also made several others for gifts an to list for sale in our shop:

I’ve been doing these for family and friends for years and have developed a technique that works well. I lay out the basic outlines with a ruler, compass and pencil, and then go over the lines with a ultra fine sharpie. Lately brown has been looking good  to me-less severe than black. Then I do the lettering, again first in pencil, followed by sharpie:

My Windsor and Newton watercolor paint box has been my faithful source of color for ages. (Not having much confidence as a painter, dry watercolor pans seem less intimidating than tubes-plus it limits my choice of colors, a good thing.) Although, now that several of the pans have gotten used up, I’ve found squeezing paint from tubes into the pans works great too!

I also have started using acrylic paint pens to add little dots of color to the paintings here and there.

I’ve almost always gifted these paintings as loose paper, rarely in a frame. However, I needed some kind of frame for the show I did recently with the 6” x 6” requirement. Having my naturally dyed wool felt around is a constant inspiration and  it seemed an obvious solution. I stitched a double layer of felt to the watercolor paper, and a hanging bracket to the back. I really like the heft the felt gives and think it is a nice, casual way to display the paintings without sticking them behind glass.