Another sign of the holidays - my grocery store had their nuts-in-their-shells display up last week. As always I bought a couple of pounds, not knowing how much nut cracking would appeal to my boys. We have been enjoying snacking on nuts every afternoon since! (We’re down to mostly those crazy Brazil nuts now-frustrating.) Of course if we got any walnuts cracked in half just so, we set them aside to do something with, and then I remembered the walnut boats in Earthways, by Carol Petrash. We had a great time sticking a little ball of modeling wax into the bottom of the boat, followed by a mast of a wooden stir stick, and finishing it off with paper sails. It was nice outside so we set up a sea on the patio. I filled a large metal tray with about 2 inches of water, Eli and Isaac added rocks and moss for islands, and it was time to set sail:

What a lovely, spontaneous little project. I've also been tempted to make little walnut shell candles, but am not sure about the wax + my 3 year old...

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