hole punch + felt

Inspired by a project mentioned in the book Feltcraft, I’ve wanted to mess around with using little bits of my wool felt as beads. I had some tiny scraps of felt from cutting out a rainbow ball loitering on my desk-I keep even the littlest scraps-and used a hole punch to punch out tiny disks.

I poked each disk through it’s middle and interspersed them with glass seed beads in an umber-y brown. I made a loop of beads and felt disks just long enough to double over my hand for a bracelet, without having to mess around with a clasp. I added a length of plain beads to make it long enough. The beads give the bracelet a nice weight and feel.

After awhile my hand got tired of punching through the felt, and I unsuccessfully tried to get my kids involved. Doing a necklace of several long strands like I’m planning might require finding another way to do this-isn’t there such a thing as an electric hole puncher?