I haven't been posting much because we are working on a huge new project- 


Our new house! Michael and I bought a house last week and we are sanding floors, painting, moving boxes and doing yard work at our new little place. It's already changed since these photos have been taken- the overgrown shrubs have been ripped out. It's a little house but one of the coolest things about it is that there is a covered beezeway...

that leads to another little place- a studio with a garage underneath.

I am so excited to have a place to work on craft projects that is not my dining room table! We could not be happier with our new place and my mind is buzzing with ideas and future projects.

To celebrate our exciting move, I lowered prices on three of my knitting patterns- the Gnome Home, the Small Dolls and Dusty and Satchel- the horses. For a limited time they are now $6.95 each. Many people have been buying my patterns to make Christmas gifts, and it's fun to picture all the knitters working away to make little felted toys for the children in their lives. I am planning on making a few of my designs for my sons and nephews, I need to squeeze in some knitting time between house painting and moving.

One more little thing- my Gnome Home pattern is featured in an etsy treasury today- it's full of other lovely "Enchanted Forest Folk," do go check it out for some gnome-ish inspiration.