Its beginning to look a lot like....

Well, not really look like-I stick strictly to the “no Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving” rule. I have started working on gifts though. I've finally learned to make just a few gifts, and start well in advance. I had the idea to make eye pillows for stocking gifts for my boys because they are always stealing mine off my night stand. (I’m making ones for Katie’s boys too, I‘m sure they might need help relaxing into sleep occasionally…) I cut out a bunch of fabric rectangles,

stitched them up and filled them with flaxseeds from the health food store.

I made pillows filled with seeds and  little pillow cases that can be taken off to wash them. I stitched a tiny initial in one corner of the pillow case so they will be able to tell who’s is who’s.

After making these and stepping back I realized the print on the pillow cases is a bit dizzy and not very restful-oh well, your eyes are supposed to be closed under there. I hope they like them. 
Also, I finally bought myself, I mean, my kids the Playmobil advent calendar I’ve wanted for years. I’m not sure why I never bought this before-at $17.00 it is a cheap delight. I guess I usually think of buying one around December fifth or so, when it is too late and they are all  sold out anyway, and of course I have daydreams about making my own advent calendar. I put all the little boxes together and filled them with the cuteness last night.

The set comes with a heavy cardboard poster that the little boxes hang on. Now’s the time to buy one for yourself, and you can be ready for December first too!


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