new stitching

Cold weather and dark nights are perfect for hours spent stitching. Good thing too because I wanted to stitch a piece for a unique project-a local hospital is purchasing artwork for its patient rooms. The prospectus requested inspiring, resotrative artwork inspired by the natural world.  I had a tough time coming up with an idea until I remembered an old wildflower  field guide from 1929 me and Katie’s grandma gave us when we were kids. I choose bloodroot because I liked the composition and bloodroot is one of the first spring wildflowers up in our woods-naturally that makes it among my favorites. I scanned the image and printed it on silk, popped it in a hoop and started stitching.

I didn’t really think about all the different shades of green I’d have to capture when I chose this image. I thought the image needed some contrast and depth at the bottom and so stitched it in browns to aproximate the forest floor. Max joined me on the couch every night till it was finished.

Because I had to set a price I kept track of how long it took me-44 hours of stitching, in 3 weeks-my fingers were sore! It ended up being 5.25 inches square. I framed it on black velvet in a shadow box. I’ll find out next week if my piece was accepted. Here's hoping!