good work

My family had a great time yesterday at a work party for friend Bobby Craig. He lives in a small, strawbale octagon which needed a coat of plaster. We worked for hours doing this:

When I wasn't plastering, I was sifting sand, which my boys enjoyed helping with. They also played in the woods, read books and drew pictures. Isaac was kept busy with a big bag of trail mix-picking out all the m & m's takes time after all.

A big group of us managed to do the entire building before night fell, I'm glad we got to help.

Today I finally did some fall clean up and harvest in the garden. It has been very chilly at night-I'm feeling a frost coming on soon. We pulled up our little carrots, I wanted to mulch them and leave them in the ground, but finding bunny poop amongst the rows solved the missing carrot tops mystery, so out they came before there were no tops left to pull....

Kinda pitiful carrots, but I'm glad to have any, I've always had such trouble getting them to germinate.

I also harvested this gigantic basket of basil and made a huge batch of pesto-8 cups! I tucked it into the freezer for hard times.

Hooray for getting good work done!