Busy day

Today was a fantastic day. It was the perfect combination of lazy-coffee-drinking morning, productive-creative midday and spend-time-outside afternoon. After some coffee and cookies, Julian and I rode our bike to check out the dumpster of a woodworking shop. We didn't find much wood today but I did find a bunch of seagrass cord. The shop uses it to weave seats for stools. I sorted it by size and bundled it up.

I love the way seagrass smells and I thought it would be cool to make a trivet out of it. After a little searching, I came upon a woven rope knot trivet at Design Sponge. I really liked the looks of it but my cord is thinner so I ended up following the directions for the Turk's Head knot on a different site. It's not perfect, but here's how my first one turned out:

Considering it was in the dumpster a couple hours earlier, I think it's pretty cool! I am going to put felt on the back- maybe. I would like it to be a bit sturdier. I may just smoosh some glue in the places where there are overlaps. I have enough seagrass to make half a dozen more and I think they would make great gifts.

Continuing in the trash-to-craft trend, I used newspaper scraps and balloons to make 11 paper mache spheres. Julian helped out for a bit but the gooky flour mix was a bit much for him.

I am planning a ornament project and am using these for the base. I am pleased and surprised that they are almost dry already. I've got another couple coats of newspaper to go before I am ready to do the fun part of the project- little winter scenes inside the balls with a little window cut out so you can look in to see the scene. (There's probably a more-clear way to say that...) I plan to do a tutorial for them if they turn out as cute as I am hoping.

We went for an unexpected hike with my brother Josh and his wife Megan in the late afternoon. We hiked the West Pinnacle of Indian Fort Mountain outside of Berea.

The leaves are just starting to really get going here and it was a perfect fall day for a walk. There were crazy-cool rocks at the top of the mountain.

My brother is a boulder-er, no wonder my kids love it when we hike with him, he's Spiderman!

There is a 360 degree view at the top. It's cool because on one side, the land is flat, heading into the Bluegrass.

The other side is rolling hills, heading into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I love where we live.

We climbed down the mountain just as it was getting dark and came back to our cozy home and ended it the same way we started- by eating cookies. I feel so fortunate to have days like today, what a gift!