Nothing new under the sun

Yesterday I finished fulling the felt boots and as I was rolling them back and forth, back and forth, thinking about how people in Mongolia roll huge bundles of wool behind their horses to make felt for yurt walls, it occurred to me that I could use my bicycle to do the same thing! Sounds like someone else has been working on this too, as I found this workshop for felt-by-bicycle that just happened in Michigan earlier this month. I've looked around online a bit but can't find more info about it. 

Here's a video of the traditional felt-making process, with a horse:


My own, more modest felting project has gone well, considering it's my first. The boots are done, still drying. One is a bit taller and wider than the other, but I am hesitant to keep felting as I don't want it to get too small. They are far from perfect but they promise to be cozy, plus it's so darn satisfying to make something from what I have around the house, rather than scurrying around town collecting materials and supplies. I plan to make more felted slippers soon- maybe for Christmas gifts? I am planning to dye my boots with black walnut hulls, a plentiful and free resource - my kids are like little squirrels and collect them dutifully for me.

Meanwhile, I am inspired by these beautiful boots by Enchanted Gypsy on esty: 

Image by Enchanted Gypsy I especially like the ties and the leather around the sole. I've got a ways to go before mine look that good. Though if I get my bike rolling, I will cut down on felting-time considerably! 

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