Whittle while you work

I'm not the only one with big plans and myriad projects. My boys have both been working on lots of projects this week. Julian bought his first pocket knife last week with birthday money he received in the mail. He's been wanting a little knife for a while and though we had many talks about safety, he did get a little cut the first day he used it. That might have been for the best as he certainly now has a healthy respect for the knife and really works carefully.

I have been thinking about special projects to make together, looking for inspiration, etc... but it turns out there is one project that Julian likes best- a twig that is sharpened on one end for a multi-purpose magic wand/spear/arrow/pointer. Today though he made a bow and arrow.

He was proud of his work. We have to find some good strong string tomorrow for the bowstring. 

Like Julian, Avery is happy with simple projects, and it's really about the process of work for him, rather than the finished product. I am impressed with his 3-year-old patience, he worked on cutting this twig for a good 15 minutes. I was multi-tasking, winding yarn as I held the stick steady. 

Avery was also proud of his work.

It's fun to work together with my clever, busy boys.