slammin' doors

I have still been scraping paint off the French doors, and am almost done with that picky job. I’ll have to decide on trim colors for the interior and exterior of the building, it will soon be time to paint the windows and doors before they are hung. We have plans to stain our house-this fall, maybe-it has cream trim, and we have chosen forest green for the siding.  Hmmm, the decision then is should the studio match the house or should it be a different color scheme? Right now I am leaning towards having the studio match the house and choosing some color-red, maybe-for the interior window muntins and trim. Look what I got for $5.00 at the infamous Berea College Surplus Auction:

why yes, those are a pair of sturdy wood screen doors that are exactly the right size to use with my French doors. Pretty good deal, huh?