Saving my pennies

I am getting ready to send two new patterns to my Technical Editor and I am so excited about them I wanted to share a photo here- first up is the dragon and cave. He's knit entirely in the round so the only seaming is the spot left open for stuffing. His cave is flexible but sturdy and makes a great place to hide special things. The cave is decorated with plants much like the Gnome Home roof. 

Also, our family will soon be moving - we are buying a house- so I've been in a saving-money mindset. That inspired this little pig- I am going to re-do her mouth but she is very sturdy and I really like her little curly tail.

She is a bank and her cork nose pops out to access your savings. 

I am looking forward to finishing up these designs and moving on to the final pattern in this collection- a little car. 

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