Rummage sale report

Today was finally the day for a local church's large rummage sale and bazaar. I've been looking forward to it for a while- it's one of the best thrifting opportunities in our little town. Everything is well-organized and there is lots of good stuff to be had. Last year I found a giant pyramidal canvas tent. They are serious about not letting people in early, which I like, there are ropes around the lawn to keep out early birds. So despite the cold and rainy morning, my son Julian, my mom and I managed to get there right as they were letting people in. 

Julian had birthday money burning a hole in his pocket but he was a careful shopper and bought a few special things. I am packing to move so I was also a careful shopper but I did find a few neat things. Here are some of the things I found.

I set out to find some little bowls for snacks and somehow missed both sets of little bowls. Laura found the custard cups and my mom found the Homer Laughlin bowls. I did find the little fancy sugar bowl- it's like a miniature soup tureen. I bought the owl paper clip for my sister Abby- to be mailed with her mittens. I like the little scoops but so do my boys, I used to have some just like this and they disappeared. We'll see how long they stick around.

I found a large pink wool blanket and I always snap them up if they are reasonably priced. Here are some other more photogenic things I found. 

I really like the walnut serving piece, I need more serving pieces and I think it will be great for the upcoming holiday gatherings. I am delighted to find the little leather purse. I found it in the kid section, maybe it was a kit that someone made. The leather is supple and well-worn and it's the perfect size for my cards and phone. The kaleidoscope was fun to share with my kids. We've been writing lots of letters lately as a part of our homeschooling lessons, so I am always on the lookout for vintage cards and postcards. The little set I bought has great artwork. Laura had some good finds too, and Julian and I topped off the morning with some bake-sale treats.

I'm still working on the last few designs of my pattern collection but I am taking too many breaks to knit hats and mittens for family, it's getting chilly here and it's so satisfying to whip something out to keep hands and heads warm- mine included!