More stars, new knitting

Yesterday our friend Michelle directed us to these cool star lanterns. I have some watercolor paper hanging around, so I am going to try a few of these for our dining room table. We like to have an oil lamp burning at dinner, especially in the winter, but candlelight would be nice too. I want to use some beeswax and make some candles again. Laura has been saving toilet paper rolls, and they would be the perfect molds for votive-sized candles.

I have also finally started a new knitting project. I am determined to make socks for myself this winter, and I bought a skein of Lion Brand Sock Ease at our newish Hobby Lobby.

I was spinning my wheels trying for find a pattern online for the gauge/size that I needed, and instead found something perfect in one of my knitting books. I am using a sock formula from Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. I haven't read this book in a while and their color usage is so inspiring and cool. They illustrate how to dye up roving, spin on a spindle and make lovely socks from the handspun yarn. I have a spinning wheel, an Ashford Kiwi, and this fall I optimistically bought some new roving to spin, but I can only produce what could be called "novelty" yarn. I have a while to go before I can make sock yarn! I would really like to take a spinning class to learn how to make useable yarn. I have plenty of yarn to work through before I run out though!