Junky-chic bracelet tutorial

Here are some directions for making a junky-chic bracelet of your own. See my previous post for photos of the finished project and how I came up with my bracelet. To make one you will need:

Three strands of approx. 36" African Christmas beads (check at your local bead store, or google them, I found a bunch on ebay an at bead shops online.)

One 36" strand of bigger beads

One 36" length of felted i-cord or crocheted chain (crochet a chain or make a 2-stitch i-cord from feltable wool, then felt it.)

One 36" length of rag jewelry (I just knotted sections together, then snipped off the extra ends close to the knot.)

Beading thread

Beading needle


Linen or other fabric scraps

Sewing needle

Embroidery floss (I used three strands for stitching)

Beeswax (to wax your floss for easier stitching)

Hooks and eyes

I guess it 's kinda like making soup, you can add or subtract any ingredients you like. I just remembered that I was going to add a length of deerskin lacing, but forgot. It might be nice to have that texture in there as well.

Here are the four components I used.

Then re-string the beads into a single length of beading thread. The green beads were easy and satisfying to re-string:

The Christmas beads were not fun to re-string. Every 5th bead or so was too tiny to pass over my tiny beading needle. Since it was Sunday afternoon and I couldn't run to the bead store to get the correct supplies, I persevered and made one new string. After that, I cut the original strands, removed a few inches of beads, and re-knotted. I know it's risky because of the possible failure of the cotton thread, but I like living on the edge. So soon I had all of my strands ready.

I cut a piece of linen about 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch and securely stitched the ends to the linen by tightly wrapping around each strand and stitching it to the fabric. I went over everything at least twice.

I then trimmed off the extra linen fabric. Then I cut a square of linen that measured 2 3/4 inches square. I folded and pressed 1/4 of the raw edge on all four sides and then pressed the whole square in half. Then I sandwiched the ends between the sides and used a running stitch to enclose the whole thing.


Stitched and kinda tidy:

I laid out the strands to be sure they were all close to the same length, then made the same linen enclosure for that end. Next I sewed on three sets of hook and eye closures. Here are the little flat eyes sewn onto the edge:

And for the matching hooks, I hooked them into the eyes, and stitched them in their place:

To wear, I twist the whole strand a few times then put it on my wrist. If you make one, let me know, I would love to see it!!