The incredible shrinking boots

After I dyed, rinsed and dried the boots, I had to seam them and attach soles before I could felt them. I was really excited to see if and how they felted, so I started seaming them while they were still slightly damp. The directions were very straightforward, and I didn't have any problems. For attaching the shoe to the sole, I did my own thing- I ran a running stitch around the base, about 1/2 inch from the bottom and gathered the boot to fit the sole. This seemed simpler than the directions- which told you to ease in the boot to fit the sole. This way, the easing was even and fit just right.
I loved how dark this inside was, the way it faded was my only disappointment with this project. (Not sure why that happened- but they did run for about an hour in super-hot water...) After I attached both the soles (I used pre shrunk cotton canvas, to be altered after felting), I threw them in the washer. It took several cycles, but they finally felted down. I was a bit frustrated because there is still some stitch definition the outside of the boots, but they fit just right and would have been too small if I kept felting. The inner layer is perfect in its fuzziness, and the whole shebang is incredible in how sturdy and actually shoe-like it is! I plan to embroider something on the upper and maybe the side. I know sock knitters always comment on how hard it is to take photos of your own feet, and it is hard!- but here's a shot of one boot so far.

That's a double pointed needle holding them together. I felted them both at the same time, and they are the same size. I have to get serious about researching sole options now, that's the next step.