More shoe thoughts

I am not a shoe person. I usually have one pair of shoes at a time and wear them until they look like they belong in the garbage and then keep wearing them some more until they fall apart. I like stylish shoes, but I usually end up buying shoes that fall in the "function" category rather than the "form" side.  I have worn Birkenstocks in the past, and they are comfy, but look a bit too clunky for me these days. I have a pair of Keen shoes that got me through last winter, but they are falling apart and I figure if the Ice Age Boots work as boots, why not try to make some shorter shoes to scuff around town in? I browsed around Flickr and found an incredible set of felted slippers. Here is her site that has some incredible shoes. I can't figure out how to translate the flash page, but the images are enough! Here's one of my favorites:

I mean, come on, who wouldn't want those on their feet?! I also love these.

I like how they are compactly felted and sturdy looking. I don't know much about wet felting, but I wonder if I could make up a knitting pattern for knitted and felted shoes. Fiber Trends has the clog category pretty well covered, and I have knit several pairs of them, but I want something that looks less like a slipper and more like a "real" shoe. I am also thinking about using a felted blanket as fabric and make a pattern to sew the upper.  I like how sporty and tidy these Keen Leadville shoes are.

Here is a Keen clog, technically a slipper, but it could work as a shoe, I think.

I also like these Simple boots - it's cool that they lace up the back. 

These Simple Shuf shoes are nice, but a bit clunky. I like the color though, and love clogs.

I have always like these slippers,

and it would be cool to make them with leather soles.

Hmmm. Maybe I AM a shoe person! I am going to make myself finish the Ice Age Boots before I do anything new.

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