More Shirt Stitching

Well, the Alabama Stitch Book is losing the vise like grip it had on my creativity it had for awhile there…I am getting back to the stuff I was working on before it invaded my life, but still do have some t-shirt projects underway. I’m working on making Katie and me matching shirts. Yes, as twins we wore our share of matching get ups back in the day. So, while I don’t think we will be wearing our shirts together, (amazingly, matching clothes have lost their appeal) having them in our wardrobe will be cool.

I dyed a couple of 49 cent (!) white t-shirts from the Gap outlet ( a real honest to goodness warehouse of bargains) with indigo and stenciled down one side with acrylic paint:

Katie’s is done, but I just got started stitching and trimming mine:

One more work session and this will be finished-boy does this simple project go faster than the corset with it’s all over stitching and hand sewed seams.

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