Side Porch Project

katiehere.jpgI am not a good house decorator/room-setter-upper. I know what looks good or bad when I see it, but I prefer function over form and hence have a mishmash of used furniture, overflowing bookshelves and somewhat tidy piles of craft supplies in our living space. We are currently staying at my parent's house in town, and the house has a great porch. It wraps around the front and side of the house and I want to make the side porch a nice place to hang out and work on projects. The lot next to and behind the house is woods, and the porch is appealingly secluded. It's been pretty empty so far, and has been used for storage for the last few months.

My goal is to create an outdoor eating space and a hang out/crafting space. My budget is 20 dollars. My inspiration is Anthropolgie, (who's isn't?!) Carl Larsson paintings, and summer camp.

Here is what I have to work with- this is stepping out the door:porch-1-before.jpg

And this is looking down the length of the porch- the whole space measures 9x20. There is an old chaise lounge that I would like to fit into the whole set up. It needed to be painted.


One afternoon later and I made some good progress. I moved some shutters to screen the view of the road, painted the chaise lounge white and remembered the awesome cot (that I found for 3 dollars at the same flea market I mentioned in my last post!) I had that could double as a daybed. I set up a card table in the "eating" space, but just spotted this, and am definitely going to make a narrow table to fit the space. I don't have any seating for the eating area, and am thinking about how to use bamboo to build some seating- I don't know if that is do-able, but I have access to chunky bamboo. I am also working on a candle chandelier, more on that in a future post. Here's a photo of my progress. (Avery approves of the cot as a play structure.)

And the table- soon to be different, though I do like that tablecloth, and I am not really a tablecloth gal:

hmmm. I am not sure about it. I am forever worried about my kids climbing on stuff and falling off the porch- the house is built into a hill and the porch is a whole story off the ground. The chaise lounge there makes me nervous. We'll see. I definitely need MORE out there, but at least there is somewhere to sit now. Stay tuned, I haven't spent any of my 20 bucks yet, and it's burning a hole in my pocket.

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