I've been dyeing this summer....

laurahere.jpgMy felt dyeing has wound down and it has been stacked in my studio, waiting patiently for me to cut it into more manageable pieces (each piece is now about 36" x 30"). I am so excited to have this to work with, it is 100% wool and 1/8 inch thick, really nice stuff.This stack represents a bunch of time and money invested, but to me it is primarily about the magic of finessing plants to give up their color to fabric. Amazing, no?

This is from the top down; cochineal for the top two (cochineal is tiny dried bugs grown on cactus...really.), madder root, onion skins(saved from my kitchen), another madder, two marigolds, two indigo and marigold greens, two indigo blues, and black walnut hulls (from my haul last fall). I used alum as a mordant for some of these.

The madder and cochineal are from a kit I bought from earthhues, I'd reccomend this company for anyone wanting to get into natural dyes, but not interested in gathering their own materials. Earthhues produces natural dye extracts that are as easy to use as conventional dyes, but from natural sources.                    


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