Gettin' Organizized

katiehere.jpgI went to a flea market earlier this summer with my parents. I love it when my mom watches my kids so I can browse around something other than the toys, and I found some great things to buy. I saw a really cool clear sewing box stuffed with sewing notions, lace and some yarn, but it was 6 dollars and I didn't want to spend that much money on one item. When we were ready to go, my dad asked "Where should I put this box?" He saw it, thought it was cool too and bought it for me! What a guy.

I had a great time laying all the contents out on the porch and sorting through everything. Here are some of my favorite things that were in there:
I don't really need more snaps, but the snap packaging is so cool! There was a bunch of silk thread and there were two spools of the green variegated stuff. The little green glass flower pot will be great in my studio. Looking through all this stuff inspired me to sort out the craft supplies I have been using frequently, and I decided to use the clear box as a kind of mobile studio, with everything I need for the little horses I am working on right now.

It got worse before it got better.

I employed the cigar boxes that Abby has been obtaining for me and here's the first level of neatness:
It's hard to tell, but there are hex signs on the lid. Too cool! I still need something for all my "business papers." The top clear box has ribbon and cord, jingle bells, spiral shells, onyx beads and my tiny scissors.

Layer two has a box of Peace Fleece roving and a felting needle, and my box of embroidery floss, thread and needles.

There was a lovely pair of pinking shears in the sewing box, and I used their box to store the little pattern pieces I am creating, along with more pattern paper. To the right I have big scissors, post-it notes, wire and wire cutters. In the foreground, there is a pile of wool felt and fabric scraps. I would like to find a little container for those odds and ends.

I am usually quite a slob with my crafting supplies, so it has been novel and fun to actually FIND something when I am looking for it! It may lead me to do more organizing, but I'm happy with this one island of calm for now.