Goodbye Boxes

laurahere.jpgThe Beyond the Box show at the Berea Arts Council came down this week. As a recent member of the exhibits committee who helped hang the show and also having a piece in it, I have grown quite fond of this exhibition. We wrapped it up by having a potluck dinner and discussion in the gallery  with many of the artists in attendance.


It was really interesting to hear folks speak about their creative process.  

I mentioned ages ago I would get a better photo of my finished box taken, and so here you go:


The gold strand spilling out of the funnel hangs straight down when installed, with the splash-like element resting on the floor. Photographing as it is installed makes it hard to see any detail of the box itself, so this is what the photographer came up with...

I have a couple applications out for shows with this and another piece from my alchemy series, but have been so unsuccessful in this arena, I am beginning to get discouraged. Initially, it doesn't seem to be very blog worthy to mention all the rejections  I've gotten lately. I want this dialog to be upbeat, inspiring and encouraging.However, my creative journey and struggle for recognition is not always pretty, (who's is?) so it seems more honest to present my reality. Ultimately, I really like the art work I am doing, and think it has merit, so I am just going to keep at it. (Even at $35- an application...)