katiehere.jpgMy Dad has been planning to make a sand box for all four of his grandsons for a little while now. Luckily, he collects all kinds of old things, and my Mom thought that an old wooden boat stashed in their barn would be the perfect sandbox vessel. The old flat bottom Old Town boat would never see water again, but its shape and depth would make it a good sandbox for the kids. Its subtle curves and wooden boatiness would appeal to all of us "big kids" who have fond memories of cruising around Thousand Islands, Canada in our old wooden boat. I had nothing to do with this project but admire the results, but I am planning to make some flags and pennants for the mast.

First my parents scraped the old paint.Next, they painted the whole boat with oil-based white primer. (I am sure my mom is so happy that I am posting photos of her in her painting clothes- Martha be damned, nobody wears khakis when painting!)
Then my Mom painted the outside blue and my Dad fixed a rotten side rail. I don't think Julian was actually painting, he is serving as a supervisor here.
While the paint was drying, they prepared the site by laying down landscaping plastic and laying down a bed of gravel. We were going to use pressure treated lumber as a foundation, but had gravel left over from another project. Strider donated a telephone pole piece to use as a piling and also brought the bamboo mast. I can't wait to get some of that crazy thick rope they sell by the foot at the hardware store to secure the boat to the piling.
Julian would like to add a pirate ship plank and we need a gangplank so the little kids can get into the boat. I am going to sew a rain (and cat) cover from sturdy nylon. My Mom is planning to plant perennials around the back of the boat to anchor it into the landscape, and I think the sand boat will work really well and be a fun sandbox that the grownups like as much as the kids.

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