laurahere.jpgIt was so motivating to post about my garden. I realized it is only June, way too early to throw up my hands. It also didn't hurt that today was in the 70's rather than the high 80's like it has been for the last couple of weeks. Me and the boys worked outside a bunch together in harmony (nothing ruins my gardening vibe like a little beast repeatedly stealing the tool I am using right out of my hands....). Eli suggested a picnic in the shade:


Isaac and Eli have chosen taco shells filled with sharp cheddar cheese as their lunch item of choice as you can see. 

Instead of ants we were dive bombed by a couple of these guys:


It is a  summer of cicadas in Kentucky; they are making their once every 17 year appearance. We have been finding their shed husks all over clutching onto plants and trees. The summer has been sound tracked by the sound of their buzzing, which can be annoying or amazing, depending on your mood. I am convinced it feels hotter when the cicada concert is at its loudest...


 Elsewhere in the garden,a volunteer mullein that planted itself in just the right spot is nearing its impressive flowering:


Two chairs Strider scored at a yard sale were looking particularly comfortable and nicely patainaed today:


Hooray! a great day in the garden.

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