Dig it

My garden is a constant source of joy and wonder, and guilt and frustration. I never seem to do enough planting and mulching in the cool spring and early summer, and then pay the price with a weedy overgrown mess. In the garden I hold the redemptive promise of "next year" close to me always.  Here is what has been going well lately...


My herb garden is thriving. I love their exuberance! This shot is actually two beds with a narrow path between them. The front bed is strictly culinary herbs and the one behind is made up of grey and silver plants. Strider has given me a gift certificate to my favorite nursery for mothers day the last couple of years and most of these guys are thanks to his generosity.


Although it really annoyed the bees, I harvested a big bunch of lavender today.  


We are eating lots of strawberries! We put 50 plants in 3 years ago, and this is the first year we have bunches of berries. I am so greedy though and can't help but want more and more plants to put in so we would have enough to freeze....


Ok full disclosure, the poppies are actually long gone, just the dried up seed pods are waving around now. I took this photo weeks ago and really wanted to share this perfect crepe-y beauty. 

Here are a couple of places "in transition":


This is the bottom corner of the vegetable patch, (I wish I could say "potager" with a straight face) the tall stuff is lettuce desperately going to seed. All the other green stuff is a cover crop of...weeds.


These are rocks Strider salvaged from a wall being taken down in town. If you use your imagination, you can envision what they will look like stacked up to the left of where they lay, as a classy wall edging our driveway..I will spare you photos of the pile of fencing materials waiting to be installed and the greenhouse parts crying out to be put together.