Whoo Whoo Clock?

laurahere.jpgI've been kicking around the idea of making a cuckoo inspired clock with my hand dyed felt for awhile now. It's a project I've sketched and thought about a bunch, but was scared to start because I didn't want to mess up the super cute image I had in my mind with an unsuccessful attempt. I finally decided to give it a try...


The "trunk" is half of an oatmeal box:


A round roof of poster board is heading in the right direction: 


I made niches for the bird and the clock, making liberal use of duct tape:

Next the roof was clad in felt shingles, the trunk covered in corduroy, the clock niche trimmed with felt, and the clock face painted with watercolors:


I added more felt embellishments:


It took my 4 year old to point out the obvious choice for what type of bird to make. (thanks Eli)Then I went overboard with the felt mushrooms:


Installed on the mantel:

I am pleased with the result, me and Katie's kids really like it too. I can't think of another project I've done that they have been more interested in. This was so inspiring, I've got bunches of other clock ideas to do now! I think we will be eating a lot more oatmeal...