All stitching, no bitching

katiehere.jpgMichael's recent birthday was cause for some last-minute crafting. Julian is 6 and wanted to draw him a picture, but as he is a prolific artist, I wanted to come up with something that would be more lasting and meaningful. Since Michael just got some new sunglasses, I thought it would be simple to make a felt sunglasses case. First, Julian drew his own design on regular paper- a robot dancing. (That kid is the coolest!)
Then, I held the paper on a piece of felt and stitched through the design. I was using three strands of waxed embroidery thread, so my stitches were pretty chunky and we decided that we could leave off the robot's fingers and the outside of his eyes.
Then, I carefully ripped off the paper. I used a pin to shred the paper into small bits, and they were easy to tear out, but a paper made for the purpose would probably be easier to work with.
And then it looked like this:
Whoa, that is some green felt! Anyway, Julian drew another robot, I stitched him on and yada, yada, yada here's what we gave Michael:
Michael likes it. I think he's a super cool dad and love it that he's proud to use it. He's really creative too, and lately he and Avery have been conducting impromptu photo shoots. As we don't let Avery use the camera, (he's two and we still have SOME things that are off limits around here!)Michael asks Avery what they should take a photo of and they compose the shot together. It's cool to me that he encourages our sweet two-year-old to be a part of that creative process. We've since been getting a lot of close ups of lady bugs and images of motorcycles driving on the road, but here's one of my favorites: