Beyond the box

laurahere.jpgKatie and I are both working away simultaneously on new art work for a invitational show at the Berea Arts Council. The arts council asked 48 artist to be inspired by identical wooden boxes. I have been wanting to create environments for the vessels I am creating to reside in, and this was the perfect opportunity!



I envisioned a wall mounted shelf or cabinet and made cubbies out of cigar box wood-lovely to work with- and I got to use my X acto saw and mitre box,always fun. 


Many days and much fiddling around later this is where I am at:


This is  to be a mini instillation of sorts, with a ribbon of golden silk satin pouring from the spout of the funnel and puddling on the floor. I am working on four little treasures/found objects to put in the small empty cubbies. Here is a detail of the funnel:


Now that the artwork is almost done I need to focus on the written statement to hang beside it. Not nearly as easy or fun!