Bottle Collection

laurahere.jpgI threw together a small bottle to stitch on our way to Pennsylvania the night before we left. I didn't have time to dye anything so I used Setacolor fabric paint to paint up some silk. I don't know if that stuff is even for silk, but it turned out watery and blue green just like I wanted. My kit ready to go:
I got cracking before we even were out of our county:
I got an amazing amount done before succumbing to car sickness. The neck of this bottle is tiny and gave me fits whenever I sat down to work on it in PA. I finally finished it when we got home. I figured out a simple way to enclose a washer in fabric for the base. (For weight and stability-it also gives the bottle an authentic heft.) I'd been stitching two layers of fabric into a circle, turning it right side out, inserting felt and a washer, tricky to get just right. For this piece I bought a washer just the right size and pulled fabric around it, the gathered extra fabric will be hidden inside.
This solution was inspired by a yo-yo quilt my Mom has on her couch...

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