My family got to take an impromptu trip to Pennsylvania to visit my Mom, Dad, and sister Abby earlier this month. Kate and her boys came too: 1200 miles, 13 travel hours, 9 days, 4 boys, 3 adults, 1 van. Super fun.


Roadside America-awesome vintage tableau with trains, villages, a waterfall... (Eli's paradise, he is planning something similar in our yard after he decided his room was too small for what he has in mind.)


Fasnachts-PA Dutch fried dough traditionally made to mark the day before Lent. 


 Thrifting marathon. No photos, I always take my camera but get too distracted to use it. Re Uz It relay, many bargains.

Kramer Yarn Mill Tour. Also no photos, but an inspiring and magical hour. Kate and I have been wanting to tour this place for ages, and the women who work in the yarn shop really went out of their way to help us since the regular tour guy was on vacation. I could gush about this peek into an amazing process for too long, But I have to mention-drum carders bigger than my van-pallets of raw, washed wool from all over the world-one woman named Olga who IS the quality control department.Very cool, made me appreciate all the work that goes into this yarn.

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