Funnel progress

laurahere.jpgI've been neglecting my blogging, but boy have I been gettin' other stuff done! It is so hard to keep all the balls in the air...while I do plan to tell you about the creating and traveling I've been doing, I'm not posting photos of the unfolded mountain of clean laundry breeding in the corner of our bedroom.... I'm really loving my creative pursuits right now, the poor laundry has a hard time competing. OK, anyway, I finished the rusty funnel.

Beginning the stitching is a relief after fiddling around with constructing the form:


I rolled the edge of the lip over onto itself to form a nicer rim. Here I am ready to attach the separate piece that makes up the spout:


I love the variegated thread that I used. I've got to get back to the bead store and buy one of all the variegated colors they have:


Finished! I enjoyed making this even though it took longer to stitch than vessels with narrow necks, because each stitch had to look good on both sides of the "bowl".


Here with it's companion piece:


I am considering making shadow boxes/shelves to house my vessels so I could create an atmosphere for them to reside in. We'll see...


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