Another little quilt

laurahere.jpgAfter finishing up the radish quilt, I started a Christmas gift for Katie the weekend before Christmas, and amazingly, I didn't get it done. It has been languishing on my work table, making me feel bad. It sure isn't the little quilt's fault I had crazy ideas about how much time i would have to work on it...I showed it to Katie on Christmas day, after giving her other stuff I'd bought instead. All the time I spent on Jack Frost the quilt has been patiently waiting for me to pick it up, and then last night, I did!


 This is 10 X 14 inches and all hand dyed fabrics. (Not all natural dyes.) I love the quilt making technique of just cutting up bits of fabric and laying it down and stitching bunches of hand stitches all over the place.I got "permission" to work this way in a workshop with Susan Shie, an awesome fiber artist from Ohio. I was also inspired by the purl bee's header, and figured we needed a hand crafted one too! Here is a close up of the first few stitches around the letters. I've gotta say, I was not cut out for precise embroidery. I am pleased with the way the "DUO" looks but it was not as fun to do as the background's crazy stitch.


I still need to add the birds, and a few more late nights of stitching after my boys go to bed and I'll have this done.