its a bird, its a plane....

laurahere.jpgI love paper mache. So cheap, fun and pleasantly messy. Eli and I covered a balloon for Jack Frost's hot air balloon:


It dried overnight easily next to our toasty wood stove. Next I trimmed the hole and painted it white:


I used a compass to lay on some curves and painted them with acrylics:


I got to use my new Christmas paint pens to further embellish:


I then coated the entire thing in...MICA GLITTER! (cheers and whistles)

Figuring out a basket for Jack to ride in has proved to be tricky. I don't have anything around and I don't really want to make one, this was supposed to be a quick little project and it is stretching on for days. I think a trip to Michael's Craft Store is in order and I'll just buy a little basket.  

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