laurahere.jpgI've been planning a partner object to the slim jug I recently finished, and thought another funnel would fit the bill. I don't want to go over the top with my attempts at realism, it isn't necessary. I am really interested in capturing the spirit of the vessels I am inspired by, not slavishly copying every detail. Having said that, I wanted this piece to look like a metal object. Grey-ish fabric then, right? I have had limited success at getting nice greys with natural dyes, and so was especially excited to try the logwood grey from Earth Hues. Logwood has the reputation of giving intriguing colors with a purple-ish cast. The results were just what I was hoping for. As much as I love the satin, I chose to put the shiny side in, the matte side really suits the project better. Here I'm laying out the funnel pattern on logwood dyed silk satin:


After cutting and stitching, with one more seam to sew, which will pull this into a tube like form:


The tube, with the inner wool felt piece:


Next the tricky lining up of seams to pull half the tube over the felt lining:


Finally, its starting to look like a funnel. Well, use your imagination, I swear, its well on its way: