Dye studio

laurahere.jpgSome people have a dedicated "wet" studio. What a luxury to have this space, with its own stove, big 'ol sink, work tables, washer and dryer...These lucky souls can dye yards of fabric any time of year, or make a great big mess and walk away to their "dry" studio space when inspiration strikes. I admit I covet my fellow artists' wet studios.

I love to dye, and am committed to keeping the mess and potential contamination out of our kitchen. Most of the year I happily use my double hotplate on our back porch as a dyeing space. The  garden hose is handy, and the heat and mess stays outside. However, the porch isn't really an option when it is 30 degrees. Pots of water take a really long time to get hot at this temperature.

After getting all my fabric and new dyes, I was determined to figure something else out. Our bathroom also houses our laundry area, and so here is my solution:


This works pretty well, until you need to put something in the washer.