laurahere.jpgKate mentioned awhile ago we got to mess around and do some painting together, which was fun, and I'd love to get to do it again-minus the toddlers. (Sorry Avery and Isaac!) Please don't get me wrong its rewarding to do art with kids, but not at the same time you are really wanting to get something done. Anyway, I started a little house blessing for our house that day, despite painting many of these little things, we haven't had one-I always give them away! I personalized it so I couldn't do that this time.


I recently discovered the kids' book, The Easter Egg Artists, and love the illustrations of an industrious rabbit family painting all kinds of things. The star in the middle of this painting is inspired by the side of the rabbit car. Strider pointed out this looks like an explosion, a bit counter to the message of "Peace". Hmmm, thanks for the input, honey. Hopefully 2008 will be a year that explodes with peace, I don't think that would be a bad thing!