laurahere.jpgI wanted to mention I am so glad to have this blog with Katie. It is satisfying to share what I am up to and feel like we are part of a community of makers. It is encouraging to get an occasional comment, but I must admit I am not a faithful comment-leaver on other's blogs! Thanks for reading.

Other than the dyes and printer I already mentioned, I've got a couple other new things I am really loving...First the felt. I am now the proud owner of 8 yards of 100% wool felt from Central Shippee (What the heck is their name about?)Yup, it's 60" wide and is $37.00 a yard. Gulp. That is a lot I realize, but I figured I'd better strike while the irons hot and the money is in the bank. I will share my dyeing progress here when I get moving.This fabric is so deluxe. It feels so nice and it is very thick and dense.


The next recent acquisition is much smaller and much less costly. I bought a selection of perle cotton from Fishwisdom Beads in Berea, KY. I have been using embroidery floss for the stitching on my vessels, and splitting it to two strands. Even after waxing it, I think it looks a bit shaggy, and not glossy. (At the very close up view, this is the crazy obsessive artist thinking here...) I've long admired the little chest of drawers filled with many colors of  no. 8 thread at the bead store and picked out a rainbow of my favorites.


These spools are stacked on top of another layer of different colors. I really wanted this thread to fit in the little cedar box I recently thrifted, but I've got to admit it isn't ideal- I can't see all my colors at once! Also in the box is a false graining tool for painting wood grain on any surface. I really want to make false grained fabric, I'm not sure why, or what I would use wood-looking fabric for, but I can't shake this idea, so I bought the tool....I also bought some beads at the bead store, I can't go in there and not buy beads. (I guess that is what they are counting on!) I keep playing around with the idea to add beads to the surface of my vessels after the stitching. The samples I've done have not worked out, the beads add too much texture. I want to try again and so bought really tiny beads this time.