Jack Frost

laurahere.jpgI had a cozy new year's day at home with my family, and got to start a little project I've been thinking about for awhile. I like to decorate a bit for winter, so it's not so bleak when the Christmas stuff gets put away. I've been waiting to cut paper snow flakes till there is actually a chance of snow around here, and am working on this little guy-Jack Frost himself.
I forgot to take photos of the first few steps, but his head is a simple wool stuffed waldorf doll style head, with hair needle felted on. His Elmer Fudd hat is indigo dyed wool. This photo shows the wire armature as I wrap it with more wool.I sewed a little sweater out of a recycled wool/angora sweater.

My boys took a break from playing with Strider to make sure I wasn't getting lonely in the studio.... 


Pants of more indigo wool will keep Jack cozy...After I took this photo I decided against the hat, it looks too feminine, and covers his silvery white hair.


Mittens of wool felt and boots of recycled sheep skin finish him off. (That is one finished boot, and one cut out ready to assemble.)


Hopefully he won't be cold as he goes about his frosty work!


Next up his airborne mode of transportation.