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laurahere.jpgWell, as Katie mentioned, my beloved laptop died recently. Not having a computer at home is really making this blogging thing difficult. So, here I am at the library , doing what I can in my one hour allotment! Luckily I have lots of cool supplies rolling in to console myself with. (It is so strange, but also really great, to be able to buy the supplies I want and need. I am so used to making do with what I have around or trolling thrift stores for fabric! Having yards and yards of lovely stuff feels like such a luxury!)One thing I have been lusting after for ages is the natural dye extracts kit from Michelle Whipplinger's company, Earth Hues. These are super concentrated powders that make it possible to get a rainbow of colors from natural sources. Michelle has developed this line by traveling all over the world collecting dyestuffs and information. This kit is enough to dye 40 (!) pounds of fiber.


Needless to say, I can't wait to get started. Uncharacteristically, I am acting like an adult and finishing the project I am working on before I start a dyeing frenzy. (Probably because it is almost finished.) I am really enjoying it and an happy with the way it is going. This vessel was inspired by an old jug my mom has. My mother in law, Teresa, a potter, thinks it would probably have been for alcohol or vinegar. Anyway, it has great proportions, and I thought it would work in fiber.


This is 8 or so inches tall, made from black walnut dyed silk, with some red iron oxide painted on after dyeing. It has wool felt and muslin lining, and the hand stitching is done with cotton thread. The base has yet to be added, ultimately it won't flare out like at the bottom. I'll post a couple of more photos in my next post!