New Vessels

laurahere.jpgAs promised, here are a couple more images of my new piece. A shot of the neck and finger loop: (all these are kinda blurry, sorry!)


Here is the jug with a little bottle that I did as an experiment with fabric I printed a closeup photograph of a sunflower on. The thread is there for scale.


I plan to mess around with using my (new!) printer to print on fabric and use this in my vessels  along with fabric dyed with natural dyes. I wasn't sure if I would be able to stitch through the fabric easily, but it worked great. Unlike the iron on type transfers, putting the fabric through the printer doesn't change the hand of the fabric. Here is the neck of the sunflower bottle:


This is about as small as I can go working the way I am. I have to be able to fit a finger or two inside of whatever I am working on, and this neck was tricky. I think the wool felt, which gives these pieces their rigidity, is starting to make this tiny thing a bit clunky. It really pleases me that you can peek down into these are see they are empty like "real" vessels are. I don't think I'll do corks for them!