Tiny bit of crafting

katiehere.jpg I have been doing lots of new things in the last few weeks. Things that stretch my boundaries, push me to achieve new things. Sadly, they include: installing wall to wall carpeting, fixing a toilet flush mechanism and removing mold from window glazing with a toothbrush and Q-tips. We are getting out house ready to list and this time we are fixing it up and "staging" it big time. It looks great. It doesn't even look like our house and according to staging professionals, that's a good thing. I hope to get everything done in the next week or two, and then I can work on crafty stuff without feeling my "to do" list staring me down.

The cotton seeds came. I didn't realize how big they would be!


Those other 5 seeds are giant gourd seeds. I am excited to plant the cotton and found a source for flax seed. Landis Valley Museum grows, tends and processes flax each year and they sell the seed. 

Last week Laura showed me how she paints frakturs, Pennsylvania Dutch folk art drawings that were used for birth certificates, house blessings and other documents. Michael got me a nice watercolor set for Christmas, and frakturs feel like a gentle way to mess around with them, especially since I have no painting skills. Laura's usually include lots of little flourishes and decorations along with the text, sweet little birds and maybe an angel or two. Mine doesn't really look anything like a fraktur, but I made a garden blessing:


I am really not happy with the outer border, but otherwise, I like how it turned out, especially considering my drawing skills are sub-par.

Laura's laptop died last week and she has not been blogging because of that. She does have all kinds of exciting projects to share, and  has been getting lots of fun packages in the mail as she receives her orders for her grant-funded projects. Hopefully she'll get a chance to blog again soon.