A Moving Target

katiehere.jpgI finished a knitting project today. That's a long dry spell for finished projects considering I made Laura's sweater way back in May! It's a winter hat for Avery, and there are three or four other babies in my life  who could use these for winter, so I may whip up some more. I am not crazy about the little elf point, so may do more rapid decreases at the very top of the hat next time. One of the many things I dig about Avery is his willingness to wear wool. Julian is very sensitive and not interested in even the softest Merino, but Avery can wear it all, and I was pleased, considering how nice and toasty this will be this winter.  Here's a shot of the hat and Avery's round little head:
It's a tad snug, but with ties to tie under his chin, it will be just right. I think I did the decreases incorrectly, something about the "sl 1, k2tog tbl, psso" didn't work out quite right, but it looks ok, and as the post title suggests, Avery doesn't really stand around to allow close inspection! The yarn is natural Kraemer Yarn Jeannie that I hand dyed and the pattern is here. It's a great pattern, and so satisfying to begin and actually complete something! To get a photo, I enlisted Michael's help, and we bribed Avery with sweets. Here's what most of the photos looked like- blurry, happy, sticky baby!

Also moving on is my attention span- having trouble sticking with the rug! Now that it is getting bigger, it takes longer to go around the whole thing once, but It is coming along, I looped my way though a whole sheet and am currently looking for more material to rip into strips. There is a fabric store close by that has a table of fabric that is $1.00 a POUND- and I am thinking about checking out that place instead of messing around with the comparatively expensive sheets from Goodwill. I had the realization that Christmas is now less than 3 months away, and if I want to make gifts for everyone, I need to get crackin', so I am going to do some thinking about that this week.