Well it was Gatlinberg in mid....September

laurahere.jpgEven though I want to share what I have been up to, I feel “brag-y and boss-y” as Sister Bear of the Berestein Bears sometimes says. (Oh the joys of having kids, instead of quoting some cool, obscure film I’m quoting a children’s book, and a lame one at that…..) Despite feeling brag-y, I’ve got to tell you about the amazing opportunities I’ve had lately. The second weekend of September was a particularly good one. Thanks to the Woodford Reserve Scholarship from the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft I recently received, I got to go to the American Craft Council’s South Eastern Conference at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Whoo Hoo! Strider was trying out for the husband of the year award by hanging with the boys for 2 ½ days so I could participate in the conference unencumbered. ( FYI we’ve got Eli who is 3, and Isaac who is 1 and still nursing, so we still travel as a unit of 4.) It was wonderful to be at Arrowmont. My kids really enjoyed these big bells:bells.JPG 

Arrowmont has a lovely campus tucked into the hillside above all the craziness of rampant tacky consumer ism which is Gatlinburg. I really wanted to go to the conference because of the two day classes that made up the bulk of the event. I got to take Figurative Expression in Cloth taught by Akira Blount. I’ve been an admirer of Akira’s work for years, and when I saw she was doing this class I jumped at the chance. (And then jumped online to get complete an application for the KY Museum of Art and Craft’s scholarship.) I felt a bit conspicuous, because we were the only folks there with kids, but we were welcomed by the other attendees and the Arrowmont staff. There was a juried show that went along with the conference; the opening was the first night we were there, and the next two days were packed with learning all I could! My class was made up of some interesting women; it was fun to get to know each other as we worked. 


Heads that Akira brought as examples, all in different states.


The dolls started in my class. Mine is second from the left. I working on giving her arms, hands, and clothes!

I left with two dolls well under way, and some new contacts made, hooray!

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