Painting Lessons

katiehere.jpgOk. It's a major pet peeve of mine when blog writers apologize for not posting.... and here I am doing it. I have been frantically working at breakneck speed for the last two weeks getting our house ready to put on the market. We are packing up 75% of our stuff to make it appear more spacious and organized. We are also painting.  Oh how we are painting. Our house is small, less than 1500 square feet, but painting every paintable surface takes time, and this is the kind of stuff I have laying around now instead of yarn and felt.
Our house is built into a hill and is three stories and my mom and I started with the top level, our bed and bath, painting it "Moose Mousse." It's done. Check. Middle level, the main living space is "Cream in my Coffee." Done except for cathedral ceiling walls, waiting for tall ladder. Check-ish. Bottom level "Hopsack." Just starting there and am for some reason disturbed and curious about what the hell "Hopsack" means.

Laura and I did work on some more baseball bags, here is one that is completed-
Do you see the tidy grommet on the ball instead of the felt tab? I am very pleased with it and even more pleased that I finally found a use for the Dremel tool which seems so dang useful but I never reach for. I used it to drill through the leather and felt and it worked just fine. I am going to list it on Etsy eventually. We have four more in-progress, but what fun is a project if it doesn't languish on the "unfinished projects shelf" for a few weeks?? We have been collecting more balls at thrift shops and yard sales, and now have enough to outfit any self-respecting little league team looking for used baseballs.

This coming Saturday Laura and I are leading an indigo dyeing workshop with about 25 local women artists, we have 3 big bolts of fabric- silk, linen blend and Kona cotton- many vats of indigo and other fun looking supplies, so I am looking forward to doing some crafty blogging soon to share that process. Meanwhile, check out this website- aren't they too much? Is it crazy for me to wish I could spend a year in Japan growing and processing this amazing plant?! hmmm. I at least want to try growing indigo here in Kentucky next spring.

I miss my crafting stuff- it's all packed up- and I have been doing very little crafting, but I will tell you what- I can cut-in like nobody's business and think my new gray hairs go quite nicely with the streaks of "Hopsack."  

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