the rainbow connection

Well, I have finally jumped on the rainbow order bandwagon, and boy is the view lovely  and colorful from up here! I roy g. biv-ed my studio bookshelf of art books.


I also recently compiled the "shelf scape" above my books of all the appealing, neutral colored storage containers I could wedge up there. I wish I had taken a before picture, because this is a great improvement!

We have four bookcases in our living room (BILLY from Ikea) groaning with books,
but unfortunately my one and only is colorblind, and thinks rainbow order is a nonsensical way to arrange books. (sigh, I guess from his point of view it is!)

Now, I know I have been slacking in the blog posting area, as in, not posting at all, and I don't want to bore you with my lame-o excuses. As a church near my my home advertises:


I'm counting on it.

(This church has been posting signs for the last several years, and I really enjoy most of them, they aren't usually your run of the mill fire and brimstone, or even scripture verses....the letters are individual, cut from plywood and they get rearranged every so often. I have even seen the guy who does it, standing on the bed of his pickup, rechargeable drill in hand, new message taking shape. A couple of my favorites I used in a series of art quilts; "make heaven", "fear not these giants". Amazingly there was not a big market for these, but they are my favorite art quilts I made. I am pretty sure this church is  not trying to be cryptic or ironic, just spreading the word.)