Constructive Criticism

So when Laura and I were cheerleaders (don't ask), at cheer camp they introduced "constructive criticism" so you could say, "Mandi, I think your arms look really crisp, but you could be clapping a little more sharply," or whatever. I am not bustin' a cheering move, but I have been procrastinating finishing the baseballs and working on some new prototypes for an upcoming small craft fair that Laura and will have a booth at (our first!). I would love some input on how these items could be better, sweeter, more appealing. The colors are off in these photo, but my master blaster PhotoShop whiz Michael is out of commission with a stomach bug, but you will get the idea. Witness:

The little fabric box is canvas, and was inspired by My LIttle Mochi's round fabric box.  It is just a rectangle, folded and stitched into a box shape. The felt accents are held in place by buttons.

The little quilting woman pin cushion is stuffed with rice and wool in her skirt for pins and I cut a scrap of a vintage quilt for her "quilt in progress." Her hat is a crocheted flower that I got at a thrift shop, and I am not crazy about the color, but it looks ok. Here's a back view:
 I swear her hat isn't glowing, it's light yellow.

Moving on, the cat is made from a felted wool blanket. I wanted to make a softie that was useful, and she is holding a little wood box with a pin cushion top that lifts up. Inside, there is room for a thimble or some other small thing. I am pleased with how she looks, I may make her a little shorter- she is almost 11 inches tall at her highest point. Her eyes are French knots, which I can finally do thanks to the Purl Bee tutorial. Here is another shot of her.

The pin cushion chickens are felt stuffed with rice and balsam. I want them to be holding little signs that say bossy stuff like, "Get to work," or "I've got my eye on you." I was thinking they could be called "Bossy Biddies," too corny?  

Anyway, bring it on and tell me where I should go from here.  Just don't tell me to kick my leg any higher, that's as high as it goes.

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